music lessons

Available for kids and adults  (beginners, intermediate and advanced levels)

Online | In-home | One on One

  • Indian Classical Voice Lessons (Hindustani Vocal Lessons for beginners)
  • Khayal | Thumri | Geet | Ghazal
  • Raga-based Music Theory in relation to Western Music Theory
  • Bollywood Songs ( Learn to sing your favorite film songs the right way. No Pre-requisite required)
  • Harmonium Lessons

Starting from $20 per half-hour session



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Basics of Singing 

Singing is the most natural and earliest form of human expression. Following some basic practices you can improve your singing.


1. Posture and Breathing

2. Warmups and Practice Technique

3. How to Learn a Song

4. Punctuation, Steady Beat, Syllabic Stress, Dynamic Phrasing and Text Emphasis

5. Vocal Health

6. Singing in Different Styles

Habits and Music 

Our everyday life is full of habits. We do them intentionally and unintentionally. They are an essential part of our life. Observing your habits can help develop a better understanding of one's own self and that can lead to more development and maturity. 

1. Observe your daily habits.

2. Find your Go to's  

3. Find good and bad or helpful and not so helpful habits

4. It takes 21 days to develop a new habit

5. 20 Second Rule

General Guide to practice ear training 

Listening carefully can lead to very profound experiences. Our listening abilities have got lesser because of the noise we are surrounded by especially living in cities makes us avoid a lot of sounds. Getting used to the noisy environments. Our listening was not always this way. As hunter-gatherers, we were more aware of our surroundings in terms of hearing and recognising different sounds hundreds of years ago. Therefore this can be challenging to be able to listen carefully and recognize pitches, scales…

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